Why Education Matters

Why Education Matters

We believe that education matters.

Education allows each person to gain power and create opportunities. It impacts every aspect of our lives, as it is the means by which we develop as individuals and come to understand our world. Education level is directly linked to income and job security, but also correlates with health, mental well-being, civic engagement, home ownership, and long-term financial stability. Beyond the economic implications, education is an issue of basic human dignity. The ability to gain knowledge, access positive learning opportunities, and apply skills are the cornerstones of healthy human development.

Why adult education matters.

In the current economy, nearly 2/3 of all jobs require at least a two-year college degree or technical training for entry and advancement. Within this reality, adults who were unable to build a strong educational foundation have no way to advance without first moving forward in education. For some, moving forward may be learning English, earning a GED, brushing up on skills, or earning a college degree. At Education Matters we recognize that the only way to advance on a personal and professional level is to offer opportunities for adults to re-engage in education. Our philosophy is that in order to be effective, adult education has to meet people where they are and change their relationship with education. We create a positive educational environment by personalizing learning and empowering each student to define and drive success.

In addition to the personal impact of education, the effects of educational attainment are felt at the family and community level. The strongest indicator of a child’s success in school is the education level of the parent. Fortunately, there is renewed energy around improving early childhood and K-12 education, but in order to make significant change we must also ensure opportunities for advancing parents’ education level. With each adult who re-engages in education we, as community, grow. On every level, education matters.

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